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Lake Grove Veterinary Clinic

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Calm Care

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Creating A Stress-Free Environment

For some pets, a trip to the veterinarian may cause them to be a little too nervous or anxious. For many years, the veterinary industry has struggled to balance an approach to pet care that allows professionals to get the job done while minimizing this stress. Our ultimate goal at Lake Grove Veterinary Clinic is focused on making your dog or cat’s visit as calm as possible.

For patients scheduled for an anesthetic procedure, medications are now being sent home to be administered on the morning of the appointment in order to help ease stress related to separation, the medical treatment environment, and sedation prior to and recovery following the procedure itself.

Reducing Fear in Anxious Pets

For your companion that may be overly anxious about their visit to the veterinarian, we make every effort to give them the extra tender, love, and care they need to feel as safe and comfortable as possible throughout their visit. This also allows our team to thoroughly examine your pet more easily and your pet will feel more relaxed and calm. When the prescribed medications are administered the night before your visit, it makes a huge difference for both the staff and your companion.

Here are some tips on relieving stress for your pet before and after veterinary visits:

  • Get your pet used to your carrier and leave it out so they're used to seeing it around your home. Leaving toys and treats inside can get them used to going inside and reduce their anxieties about traveling.

  • Bring snacks, toys, or any calming items that you know your pet would love to have along with them during their appointment.

  • If your pet is very nervous about visiting us, we invite you to bring them in between appointment times to say hello to the staff, eat treats, and get used to the environment.

  • If you bring your pet to their appointment a little hungry, it can make the treats more appealing and may reduce nausea when driving to and from our clinic.