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Specific Conditions

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As there are unfortunately so many diseases that affect your pet and so much information regarding each one, we compiled a list of useful sites that contain information on specific diseases.

If you have questions about any of the information on this page or a specific disease you are interested in learning more about is not listed, please contact our clinic at (503) 636-5681 or contact us online.

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Asthma - Feline

Behavior Problems, Training


Cruciate Ligament Damage




Disk Disease (Intervertebral Disk Disease, Back Problems)

Eye (Ophthalmic) Disease

Heart Disease

Heartworm Disease

Hereditary Disease and Genetics

  • DNA Testing for Dogs and Cats

  • VetGen

    • Genetics tests for a variety of diseases in dogs and cats including Von Willebrand’s Disease in dogs and polycystic kidney disease (PKD) which affects the Persian, Himalayan, and Exotics breeds of cats.

  • Canine Health Information Center (CHIC)

    • Provides a resource for breeders and owners of purebred dogs to research and maintain information on the health issues

  • Feline genetic diseases

Hip Dysplasia

Intestinal Disease

Kidney and Urinary Tract Disease

Liver Disease



Orthopedics (Bone and Joint Disease)


Respiratory Disease

Seizures, Epilepsy

Thyroid Disease

Zoonotic Diseases

Zoonotic diseases are diseases caused by infectious agents that can be transmitted between (or are shared by) animals and humans.